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Tokin’ (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /toek-in/

Also spelled or known as: Toking

Related: Toke, Toking, Toked, Toker

What does Tokin’ mean?

To be taking a puff of a joint, blunt, etc.

Tokin’ Synonyms: Chiefin’, Smokin’, Hittin

Example sentence: “What is this weed we’re tokin’?”

Tokin’ in songs:

“Hoping my best buds ain’t only in it for the tokens ‘Cause they say it’s who you joking with, tokin’ potent with Tag team and strokin’ chicks, the ones that do some bogus shit” – Joey Bada$$, Bird’s Eye View.

“Perfect ten so back that up like a moonwalk Girl, you’re smokin’ like Snoop Dogg But you must be tokin’ if you think you’re takin’ over my quarters There goes the dime into the jukebox” – Eminem, Remind Me.

“You faggots yap about tokin’ kush While I deal with drug dealers and they killed a whole bush” – Tyler the Creator, Swag Me Out.

Straight Bahama hoes so miss me with a chick from Soul Train And I’m a break my note, just to show up tokin’ So hide his eyes when I scoop him, ’cause we bud smokin'” – Paperboy, Ditty.

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