Thumb through it

Thumb through it (phrase)

Type: verb, slang, phrase

Pronunciation: /thumb-thru-it/

What does Thumb through it mean?

A phrase said to count money by hand.

Thumb through it Synonyms: Count it

Example sentence: “We get the cash and thumb through it after the show.

Thumb through it in songs:

Bitches wanna see a nigga thumb through it fast, I’ma name myself Young Thug Attendant” – Young Thug, 2 Bitches (Danny Glover).

“I’ma thumb through it, I don’t need no counter” – Money Man, 24 (Remix).

Thumb through it, count that big bank roll” – Quavo, Birthday.

“50 bands, 100 bands, baby, I’ma thumb through it” – D. Savage, WYTD.

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Thumb through it
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Thumb through it

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