Thumbing through it


Thumbing through it (phrase)

Type: verb, slang, phrase

Pronunciation: /thumb-in-thru-it/

What does Thumbing through it mean?

To be counting a lot of money by hand.

Thumbing through it Synonyms: Counting up

Example sentence: “The bank teller was thumbing through it.

Thumbing through it in songs:

Cop the whip and customise the leather, Thumbing through it, it ain’t nothing better” – Larry June, 30 DAY RUN.

Thumbing through it with the doors locked, Don’t interrupt me while I’m counting, nigga” – Don Q, Young Veterans.

Thumbing through it, no paper cuts, If your money talk, it ain’t saying much” Don Trip, Paper, Rock, Scissors.

“Countin’ money, bitch I’m thumbing through it” – Waka Flocka Flame, Hype (Flockmix).

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Thumbing through it
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