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BKNY (slang)

Type: noun, acronym

Pronunciation: /B-K-N-Y/

Also spelled or known as: B.K.N.Y., B-K-N-Y

Related: BK, NY

What does BKNY mean?

Brooklyn, New York.

BKNY Synonyms: BK, Brooklyn

Example sentence: “My girl is from BKNY.”

BKNY in songs:

“Letters on my sweater read DKNY Got grimy niggas runnin’ with me from BKNY” – 50 Cent, I’m a Hustler.

“You know Victoria’s Secrets but speak it cause you want me DK, PJ’s, BKNY is where you stay” – Heavy D, Get Fresh Hev.

“I put the four on the map, I put the BKNY on my back” – Smoove L, D&D.

“Got one in ATL big, fine, thick as hell Got one in BKNY dat only wear DKNY” – Ray Cash, Sex Appeal (Pimp in My Own Mind).

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