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Shordy (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /sure-dee/

Also spelled: Shawty, Shortie, Shorty

What does Shordy mean?

A girlfriend or attractive woman.

Shordy Synonyms: Shorty, Shawty, Dime piece, Babe, Ting, Gal, Baddie, Boo, Bizzo, Chica

Example sentence: “When am i going to see you again shordy?”

Shordy in songs:

Shordy know that I run it up on the roads, gotta run this Jane strip Shordy asked what I’m doing man, man, I’m on the block and I’m trappin'” – PrinceDawn, A1.

“She a keeper, I can’t lose her ‘Cause shordy, that’s my rider, ain’t no rumour And I taught her the game, I’m her tutor” – 3MFrench, School Girl.

Shordy whats the deal like whachu doin’ tonight Lotta swangers on my neck plus my wrist full of ice I live a hell of a life, we could go where ever you like And you sexy, and you smart, and thats the shit that I like” – Peso P (Robin Banks), Come Thru.

VIP I be in the ville Wait in line, no we only s

“I put a bag on, I don’t mean to brag Shordy reaches for the money I had” – LB Spiffy, Porsche.

Yeah this SoFaygo he up right now When I pull up she gon’ drive right now Bae why you want me to call right now I take lilshordy to the mall right now” – SoFaygo, Ok Rite Na!v

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