The Mo

The Mo (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /the-moe/

Also spelled or known as: Mo’, The-Mo, The Mo

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What does The Mo mean?

The Mo Synonyms: Mo city

1. Missouri City, a suburb of Houston, Texas.

2. Motel.

3. Kansas City, Missouri.

Example sentence: “We took a quick trip to the Mo.”

The Mo in songs:

“This whole damn city fuckin’ go, but this is how the hood go crazy in the Mo” – Tech N9ne, Hood Go Crazy.

“From the Nawf to the Mo, 500K just to host” – Quavo, Go.

“We keep wildin’ out the Mo now, oh yeah” – Travis Scott, ​the ends.

“She ate her best friend, I left them hoes at the mo” – Six2, Xxplosive.

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The Mo
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The Mo

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