STD (acronym)

Type: noun, slang, acronym

Pronunciation: /s-t-d/

Also spelled as: S.T.D. or S-T-D

Plural: STDs

What does STD mean or stand for?

Sexually Transmitted Disease.

STD Synonyms: Cupid’s itch

Example sentence:Don’t catch an STD messing with junkies.”

STD in songs:

“I thank the Lord I made it out, no STD” – Mac Miller, Rush Hour.

STD, play with fire, I’ma burn something” – DaBaby, RAW SHIT.

STD, I’m takin’ over your ward” – Young Thug, Do U Love Me.

“Hottest dyke nigga in Houston, We in this bitch like an STD” – SavageRealm,Vegas Freestyle.

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