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Standing on biz

Standing on biz (slang)

Type: phrase, slang

Pronunciation: /stand-in-on-biz/

Also spelled or known as: Standin’ on biz, Standing on business

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What does Standing on biz mean?

1. To be handling or taking care of your business.

2. To be sticking to your word or something you said you would do.

Example sentence: “She does what she says, she is always standing on biz.”

Standing on biz in songs:

Standing on biz and protecting them principles Back on my pivot, I’m back on my pinnacle” – Co Cash, Mirror on da Wall Freestyle.

“When I’m down south, I be with lil’ Wam, he standing on biz‘” – Foolio, Standin on Biz.

Don’t like flex so i stunt thru my kids Like a podiatrist, i’m standing on biz” – Matt Reed, For The Better.

“You see a young nigga came up on the ridge That nigga too lazy, ain’t standing on biz” – JTĆ Mariø, Sunset Cruisin’

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Standing on biz
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Standing on biz