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Stand on biz

Stand on biz (slang)

Type: phrase, slang

Pronunciation: /stand-on-biz/

Also spelled or known as: Stand on business

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What does Stand on biz mean?

1. To handle or take care of your business.

2. To stick to your word or something you said you would do.

Example sentence: “I have to go back to the studio and stand on biz.”

Stand on biz in songs (rap lyrics):

“I’ma take one to the face, then I go chase that cake, we stand on biz” – Luh Tyler, Stand On Biz.

“My mouth is gold, I did new diamonds I stand on biz, I’m not a coward” – VL Deck, Project Music.

“I don’t stand for cap, don’t cap on me, just stand on biz You say you the captain, bet I capture your whole clique” – Shogee2k, Away From Yesterday.

“Paid my lawyer ten thousand dollars, I stand on biz I ain’t got one yet, but I damn near want a kid” – Kasher Quon, Gold Digging.

“We stand on biz, won’t let shit slide Know when I leave the crib, it’s do or die” – Stunna 4 Vegas, Big 4 Flow.

“2SG 4L (2SG), ain’t no question (I’m 2 Solid Gang), my gang stand on biz” – 2SG Tay, All It Take.

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Stand on biz
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Stand on biz