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Squirtin’ (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /skwart-in/

Related: Squirt, Squirter, Squirted, Squirting

What does Squirtin’ mean?

(As a female) To be ejaculating fluids from your vagina due to stimulation.

Example sentence: “Every time we smash, I have her squirtin’.”

Squirtin’ in songs:

“Took the bitch to eat out at Thirteen, she was squirtin’ I just cashed out on my bitch, Celine to match her Birkin” – Lil Durk, Voice of the Heroes.

“Pull uppo sul tuo blocco, trappin’, la tua hoe sa tutti i miei versi Lurkin’, twerkin’, squirtin’ (Ah-ah), solo per una Birkin” – Rondodasosa, Eurovision.

“The muscle relaxant was workin’ Throwin’ it back while she squirtin’ Don’t need surgery, you’re perfect Remember when bitches was curvin'” – A Boogie wit da Hoodie, Come Closer.

Fuck in the back of the ‘Bach with the curtains Fuck from the back and this bitch started squirtin’” – Meek Mill, That Go!

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