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Squirter (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /skwart-err/

Related: Squirt, Squirted, Squirting, Squirtin’

What does Squirter mean?

A female who ejaculates from her vagina during sexual intercourse.

Example sentence: “My ex-girlfriend was a squirter.”

Squirter in songs:

“Unless you Master P and bitch you ’bout itbout it Shorty ass a squirter, that’s a talent talent” – Chief Keef, Tony Montana Flow.

“She a squirter so we don’t fuck on my Versace sheets My whole crew’ll skate on you like a hockey team” – Mack Maine, Try Me (Remix).

“Simon says give me head ’til I’m sleep, She a squirter, now it’s all in the sheets” – Juicy J, Simon Says.

“My pussy mean, and it’s clean, I’m not a squirter, I cream” – ​cupcakKe, Deepthroat.

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