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Squirting (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /skwart-in/

Related: Squirt, Squirter, Squirted, Squirtin’

What does Squirting mean?

(As a female) To be ejaculating fluids from your vagina due to stimulation.

Example sentence: “Damn baby girl you squirting crazy.”

Squirting in songs:

“She was nervous, now she squirting on my lap (Ay) I feel a vibe when I’m inside ’cause I be smacked (Ay)” – J.I the Prince of N.Y, Love Won’t Change.

“I had her squirting on the bed with my middle fingers I hope you really don’t believe that I want Blac Chyna” – Remble, Rocc Climbing.

“She want a purse She want a Birkin Fuck her, she squirting Countin’ racks in the back of suburban” – Rich The Kid, Intro.

“On that Pat-ron, I’m swerving, game tight like virgins I got a bad bitch, she Persian, call her AK when she’s squirting” – Boo, Curtains.

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