Sneak dissers


Sneak dissers (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /sneek-diss-errs/

Also spelled or known as: Sneak-dissers, Sneakdissers

Related: Sneak diss, Sneak dissing, Sneak dissin, Diss

Singular: Sneak disser

What does Sneak dissers mean?

Someone who likes to diss or disrespect others subliminally.

Sneak dissers Synonyms: Sneak diss, Sneak dissing, Sneak dissin, Diss

Example sentence: “We were in the club surrounded by sneak dissers.”

Sneak dissers in songs:

“My team they go crazy for me they gone shoot Its a lot of sneak dissers in your crew” – Lil Mouse, Computers (Remix).

One time for the sneak dissers Ol’ puss ass fuckboys say my name” – Ludacris, Ludaversal (Intro).

Sneak dissers, that’s that shit I don’t like” – Chief Keef, I Don’t Like.

“You hear me? Ayy, I heard I had some sneak dissers Whoever feelin’ hot, that AR got a heat sensor” – Tee Grizzley, First Day Out.

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Sneak dissers
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