Smooch (slang)

Type: noun, verb, slang

Pronunciation: /smoo-och/

Related: Smooches, Smooched

What does Smooch mean?

1. To kiss or cuddle (verb).

2. A kiss or cuddle (noun).

Smooch Synonyms: French, Cuddy, Peck

Example sentence: “My shorty wanted to smooch in the back of the benzo.”

Smooch in songs:

“I don’t wanna smooch, bitch, I really want the brain” – TayK, Megaman.

“She wanna smooch, I’m not a good kisser” – Swae Lee, Someone Said.

“I don’t wanna smooch I want the dome” – Smokepurrp, Ways.

“She wanna come to my crib and give me a genital smooch” – JID, 1993.

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