Skedaddle (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /ska-dad-ull/

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What does Skedaddle mean?

To leave quickly or run away.

Skedaddle Synonyms: Dip

Example sentence: “No i’m not giving you a cig, skedaddle.”

Skedaddle in songs:

“When you’re alone thoughts start coming in Punching in that dark lock box and they start rummaging Shit you’ve got to battle with, wishing they could skedaddle But it makes your shadow say none, fun and grab the gun again” – Tyler, the Creator, Cowboy.

“Typical, typical, get the piccolo, skididdle, skedaddle I sling peen like a lasso That mean king save the queen from the castle I grab the saddle” – JID, 1993.

“When we collide, I’ma ride on that hide like cattle, cowards best to skedaddle” – Kadafi, Late Night.

“Catalog growing, rappers skedaddle move over She reluctantly fucking, she’s an adamant blower” – Wale, Fuck You.

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