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Sistas (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /sis-tahs/

Also spelled or known as: Sisters

Singular: Sista

Related: Sis

What does Sistas mean?

Black women who are good friends and treat you like family.

Sistas Synonyms: Sisters

Example sentence: “I feel happy when I’m with my sistas.

Sistas in songs:

“Tia that’s my clique I only rock wit real sistas Snow Hill my home not once did you hear me stutter” – Rapsody, Black & Ugly.

“I do it for my dad and I do it for my mama I do it for my shabs and I do it for my sistas I do it for my city and I don’t forget Africa I do it for my hoes, my thugs, my bitches, my gangstas” – Rilès, I DO IT.

“You got a nice white dick” That’s what the sistas say Hit the switch then I switch the lane Dipped 66 in grey” – Action Bronson, Hot Shots Part Deux.

I’m gettin DDS from two bitches Traded the old, got new bitches Not to mention I got new pictures Niggas mad I did hit dey sistas” – Slim Thug, Coming Down (Every Town).

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