Sherblato (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /sher-bla-to/

Also spelled or known as: Shelaty, Sherlato

What does Sherblato mean?

A strain and flavor of weed. A cross of Sherbert & Gelato.

Similar to Sherblato: Shelato, Shelaty, Sherbet, Cookie, KK, Biscotti, Gelato

Example sentence: “This strain is sherblato, i like it.”

Sherblato in songs:

“Couldn’t imagine what niggas spеnt Pound of Sherblato to get us right” – JP Caruzzo, Crunch Time.

“I don’t want that to fix my pain On Sherblato, I don’t feel no pain” – Pasto Flocco, 2lit.

“Three-five Sherblato gave me a head high” – BabyTron, Anonymous.

Nigga told me he got Sherblato, but it wasn’t pressure” – YN Jay, Thank Me Later.

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