Score (slang) Type: verb, slang Pronunciation: /skor/ Related: Scored, Scoring, Scorin’ What does Score mean? 1. To have sexual intercourse. Score Synonyms: Smash, Hit, Fuck, Pipe 2. To get revenge. Score Synonyms: Get back Example sentence: “I’m gonna score on an opp.” Score in songs: “She ain’t left yet, but she probably came We kicked […]


Scored (slang) Type: verb, slang Pronunciation: /skord/ Related: Score, Scoring, Scoring What does Scored mean? 1. To have had sexual intercourse. Scored Synonyms: Smashed, Hit, Fucked, Piped, Beat 2. To have gotten revenge. Example sentence: “I took her to the crib and I scored.” Scored in songs: “You ain’t scored on the O, can you […]