Ruffnecks (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /rawf-neks/

Also spelled or known as: Ruff-necks, Ruff necks

Related: Ruff

Singular: Ruffneck

What does Ruffnecks mean?

People who keep it real and know the streets.

Ruffnecks Synonyms: Hustlers, Hoodlums

Example sentence: “I can’t bool with the ruffnecks.”

Ruffnecks in songs:

“Bounded up my pals and snuffed the ruffnecks who buck tips Hollow and follow and trace every single face” – Phesto, Anything Can Happen.

“It’s the smoothness that make niggas move to this; For you ruffnecks, i’ll check you with my tool and shit;” – K-Dee, Make It Ruff, Make It Smooth.

Step aside, not talkin wildside, I’m comin from the Southside Where the ruffnecks reign; if you can’t stand it, don’t go outside” – Common, Charms Alarm.

“I got many witnesses that can back this Ruffnecks, from New York to L.A.” – MC Lyte, Cold Rock a Party.

“Select for the ruffnecks that tend to wander, I come” – Cut Monitor Milo, Scenario (Remix).

So keep abreast to the Gang Starr conquest Underground ruffnecks, pounds of respect” – Ruffnecks, Code of the Streets.

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