Ruffneck (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /rawf-nek/

Also spelled or known as: Ruff-neck, Ruff neck

Related: Ruff

Plural: Ruffnecks

What does Ruffneck mean?

Someone who keeps it real and knows the streets.

Ruffneck Synonyms: Hustler, Hoodlum

Example sentence: “My friends dad is a ruffneck.”

Ruffneck in songs:

“I’ma bring down the ruckus, play the nutcracker Ruffneck rednecks, makes me no bother” – Pras, The Score.

“You niggas is suspect and I’m just a ruffneck That wasn’t breaking pencil tips when I would bust lead” – CJ Fly, Third Eye Shit / Suspect.

“It’s like that y’all, and I keep figures It’s the hardcore ruffneck funky type of street nigga” – Lord Finesse, Check the Method.

“They fear the ruffneck niggas with the lunatic behavior And now we gotta eat, gotta make ends meet” – Stretch, Strugglin’.

“The razor bumps on your throat is the only thing makin’ you a ruffneck” – Big Daddy Kane, Lyrical Gymnastics.

“Uncle Murda could bring the handcuffs, why’s that? I gotta what? Yo, gotta get a ruffneck” – Nicki Minaj, Dreams ’07.

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