Stay the course

Stay the course (phrase)

Type: phrase, slang

Pronunciation: /stay-the-kors/

What does Stay the course mean?

To continue to do something despite difficulties or setbacks.

Stay the course Synonyms: Stay on your grind, Stay on the grind

Example sentence:Don’t ever give up my boy, stay the course, It’ll all work out.”

Stay the course in songs:

“Couple hoes done turned me cold Alec told me stay the course Let these hoes play they role, uh” – Well$, 130.

I’m tryna show the whole world what it is and it ain’t a game He said, “Homie, stay the course, ain’t shit changed Weird night, and everybody was tipsy” – Childish Gambino, We Ain’t Them.

“Olympic flow, I need five rings and a flamin’ torch Went to the school of hard knocks, I had to stay the course” – Tobe Nwigwe, From The Swat.

“Just got a call from one of my dogs, he told me stay the course” – Mozzy, Straight to 4th.

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Stay the course
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Stay the course