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Roscoes (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /ros-coes/

Also spelled or known as: Roscoe’s

Singular: Roscoe

What does Roscoes mean?

1. A popular chicken restaurant on the West Coast.

2. Revolvers.

Roscoes Synonyms: Pocket Rockets, Hand tings, Hand cannons, Yoppas, Dracos, 40, Glizzies, Sticks, .50s, Dicks, Rods, Irons, Shotties, Kronzes, Handtings, Toasters, Pumps, Swammys

Example sentence: “We had roscoes for lunch.”

Roscoes in songs:

“I mess up flows like waves and potholes West Coast, I fuck hoes and eat Roscoes” – Wiz Khalifa, Say U Will.

Tryna ask his virgin, hot, vegan daughter where the cock goes Wake up, wash ass, go and eat some Roscoes” – Tyler, The Creator, Steak Sauce.

“I got money I got hoes getting head in my drop top rolls All this chicken and all this syrup you think we at Roscoes” – Juicy J, Know Betta.

Put in work with my bare hands but the Roscoes loaded And I got it for cheap mayne the hood Costco’s open” – Celph Titled, The Danger.

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