Roll deep


Roll deep (slang)

Type: slang, phrase

Pronunciation: /roll-deep/

Also spelled or known as: Roll-deep

Related: Rolling deep, 4-deep, 3-deep

What does Roll deep mean?

To have a lot of friends or crew members with you where you’re going.

Roll deep Synonyms: Mob

Example sentence: “You know i’ma roll deep to the function tonight.”

Roll deep in songs:

“We roll deep, we dip to Underground, see a lot of hoes around” – Andre 3000, Player’s Ball.

Peep when I roll, I gots to roll deep, Ain’t goin out cheap” – Ice Cube, When Will They Shoot?.

“When you see the mandem are selling out Wembley, Roll deep in a blacked out Bentley” – Skepta, Shutdown.

“Down for whatever cuz the homies roll deep” – RJ, My Flag/Da Homies.

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Roll deep
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Roll deep
Roll deep