Rolling deep

Rolling deep (slang)

Type: slang, phrase

Pronunciation: /roll-in-deep/

Also spelled or known as: Rollindeep

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What does Rolling deep mean?

To be having a lot of friends or crew members with you when going around.

Rolling deep Synonyms: Mobbin

Example sentence: “Me and the boys rolling deep to the club tonight.”

Rolling deep in songs:

Limo tint rolling deep like the President, See I don’t go to clubs, I never chase a bitch” – Snoop Dogg, Lay Low.

“In the ’88 Crown Vic, Rolling deep, Working so hard cause they can’t, go to sleep” – Yelawolf, Honey Brown.

I’m rolling deep like a mobster, Smoking that loud marijuana” – Yung Pinch, Pina Colada.

“Cause we on some Adele shit, we be rolling deep,Your girl get mad when I pass and I don’t even speak” – TUT, Food for Thought.

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Rolling deep
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Rolling deep