Racket (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /rack-et/

What does Racket mean?

A scam or illegal activity that makes money.

Racket Synonyms: Fraud, Scam, Scheme, Plot

Example sentence: “He got arrested for joining a racket.”

Racket in songs:

“Runnin this racket, from New York to Montego, Slaughtering people, bring a ton of keys from Puerto Rico” – Fat Joe, I Shot Ya (Remix).

“I been fucking a hustle, married to a racket” – Jay-Z, Poppin’ Tags.

“When you gon’ get with that racket, you know what’s gon’ happen, we clapping the scene” – G Herbo, Never Cared.

“With the Glock inside my jacket, make a racket, tryna sell a sack” – Pouya, Aftershock.

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