Pushing P


Pushing P (slang)

Type: verb, phrases, slang

Pronunciation: /Pushing-P/

Also spelled or known as: Pushin’ P, Pushin P

What does Pushing P mean?

1. To be pushing positivity.

2. To be pushing the lifestyle of a player.

3. To be getting to the paper.

4. To be pimping.

Pushing P Synonyms: Pushin’ P, Pushin P

Example sentence: “I just bought my girl some shoes, I’m pushing p.”

Coined by: Gunna

Pushing P in songs:

“Be honest, R. Kelly, the first one “pushing P“” – Anarkh1st, GREY TAC.

“I’m pushing P, make me feel like I’m Gunna” – Surf, ADDIES.

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Pushing P
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