Push weight


Push weight (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /push-wait/

Also spelled or known as: Push-weight, Pushweight

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What does Push weight mean?

To sell large quantities of drugs or narcotics.

Push weight Synonyms: Trap, Move dope

Example sentence: “This rap has to work, i don’t want to push weight.”

Push weight in songs:

Push weight, this Colgate, tre-eights and old gates” – Ghostface Killah, Wu Tang Forever.

“Used to sell work to his aunt, he ain’t push weight, Nigga did pull ups” – 2 Chainz, Doors Open.

“I used to push weight on the block, A fat bitch, she was barely able to walk” – Hopsin, Pans in the Kitchen.

“Slimes that push weight but ain’t hit the gym never” – Vado, Mo Brooklyn, Mo Harlem, Mo Southside.

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Push weight
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