Potna (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /pot-nah/

Also spelled or known as: Patna

What does Potna mean?

Partner; a friend.

Potna synonyms: Broski, Bro

Example sentence:I’m going to vegas with my potna this week.”

Potna in songs:

I’m amped, feeling good, potna, I’m hyphy” – Mac Dre, Get Stupid (Remix).

“On my grandmama potna, all haters go to hell” – Shawty Lo, Betcha Can’t Do it Like Me.

“Yellow Tape, I’m at the doctor by my potna” – Peewee Longway, Foreal.

Ain’t one of my potna dem then nigga fuck you” – Jackboy, Cleaning Crew.

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