Plugged (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /pl0g-ed/

Also known as: Plugged in

Related: Plug, Pluggin’, Plugging

What does Plugged mean?

To have a lot of connections usually for drugs or things hard to acquire.

Plugged Synonyms: Connected

Example sentence: “Those foredise boys are plugged.”

Plugged in songs:

“Guaranteed I plugged every nigga standin’ in the party”- Ohgeesy, Heavy.

“He plugged me with a dame who was half-Mexicano” – Nas, Get down.

“And everybody know she’s mine so she extra plugged” – Kanye West, Erase Me.

“You know I’m plugged in and you know who this is talking pussy” – Takbar, OOOUUU (Remix).

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