Players (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /play-errs/

Also spelled or known as: Playas

Singular: Player

What does Players mean?

1. People who are successful, have a lot of materialistic things, and play the game of life.

2. People who are smooth and have a lot of lovers or romantic interests who think or feel like they’re the only one.

Players Synonyms: P, Playboys, Playas, Pimps

Example sentence: “We walked into the function with all the players.”

Players in songs:

“We still visualize places that we can roll in peace And in my mind’s eye, I see this place the players go and pass it” – 2Pac, Thugz Mansion [7 Remix].

“Niggas is savage, niggas is monsters Niggas is pimps, niggas is players” – Kanye West, Violent Crimes.

“Ha, sicker than your average, Poppa twist cabbage off instinct Niggas don’t think shit stink Pink gators, my Detroit players Timbs for my hooligans in Brooklyn” – The Notorious B.I.G., Hypnotize.

“To my niggas in the game, keep the game fair Players play, coaches coach, and cheerleaders cheer” – Lil Wayne, Nightmares of the Bottom.

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