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Played yoself

Played yoself (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /played-yo-self/

Also spelled or known as: Played-yoself, Played yourself, Played yaself, Played yo self, Played ya self

Related: Play, Played, Playing, Played yourself, Playing yourself, Play yourself

What does Played yoself mean?

To have unknowingly worked against yourself or your own interests and revealed your weakness.

Played yoself Synonyms: Played

Example sentence: “You played yoself tryna take my chain.”

Played yoself in songs:

Don’t hate me cause you hate yo self Don’t play me cause you played yoself” – TrxggaTre, Tokyo Drift Freestyle.

“Razor blade up yo asshole So you done played yoself” – II Black, Smilin’ Faces.

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Played yoself
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Played yoself