Type: verb

Pronunciation: /end-orse/

Related: Endorsed, Endorsin’, Endorsement

What does Endorse mean?

To support someone or something publicly.

Endorse Synonyms: Rep, Represent

Example sentence: “I’m going to endorse my brother for the new position.”

Endorse in songs:

“I endorse these strippers” – Nicki Minaj, I Endorse These Strippers.

“But if you ain’t a sweety, indeedy, I won’t endorse” – Andre 3000, Happy Valentine’s Day.

“Diamonds on Fiji, I’m running with QC, and Reebok endorse me, went up a new level” – Lil Baby, Leaked.

“Doin’ shit that I can’t endorse now” – Saba, BUSY / SIRENS.

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