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Playa hatin’

Playa hatin’ (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /play-ah-hate-in/

Also spelled or known as: Player hatin’, Playa hating, Player hating

Related: Player, Hating, Playa hating, Player hatin’, Player hating

What does Playa hatin’ mean?

To be acting jealous or speaking out against a player.

Example sentence: “My guy, why are you playa hatin.”

Playa hatin in songs:

“They sent me 5 Million dollars I hadn’t been out a week And I got 5 Million niggas playa hatin on me” – Gucci Mane, 5 Million Intro.

“Rainbow in my double cup, sippin’ up on the potion Fuck all of the playa hatin, keep all that commotion” – Ramirez, The Fo Five.

“No time for playa hatin, Mack paper chasin’ Kicked out the substation to the hip-hop nation” – Mack 10, You Can Do It.

“Facin’ termination in the worst But I figured to play the wall; to watch all These playa hatin niggas position for I could see ’em all” – Kastro, Tradin’ War Stories.

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Playa hatin'
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Playa hatin'