Plastered (slang)

Type: adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /plas-terd/

What does Plastered mean?

To be very drunk.

Plastered Synonyms: Faded, Fried, Zooted, Blunted, Blazed, Trashed, Wasted, Lit, Tipsy, Bent, Hammered

Example sentence: “You were plastered on your birthday.”

Plastered in songs:

“I can’t handle this shit, I’ma get plastered I just wanna go fast, I’m a bastard” – Kid Cudi, Leader of the Delinquents.

“Young dirty bastard plastered, I’m gone off weed and acid, magic” – Belly, Better Believe.

“Late to my own release party, man, I’m tore up and I’m plastered” – G-Eazy, Hello.

“A heartless bastard, high and plastered” – Xzibit, What’s the Difference.

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