Hammered (slang)

Type: adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /ham-erd/

What does Hammered mean?

To be very drunk.

Hammered Synonyms: Faded, Fried, Zooted, Blunted, Blazed, Trashed, Wasted, Lit, Tipsy, Bent, Plastered

Example sentence: “We left the club hammered.”

Hammered in songs:

“For me, say fuck it, kick some shots back, get hammered, and nail her” – Eminem, So Much Better.

“Chicks get hammered, big-dicked bandit Money flowin’ like a slit wrist, no bandage” – Drake, I’m Goin In.

“Party animal, looking hammered, couple of handles of Crown,” – Rittz, We Just Wanna Party.

Bitches getting stupid But I ain’t getting hammered less you handing me a tool kit” – Lil Dicky, Staying In.

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