Phew (ad-lib)

Type: noun, ad-lib, slang

Pronunciation: /p-eww/

Also spelled: Pew

What does Phew mean?

1. An imitation of a gun sound. 

Phew Synonyms: Bang bang, Blocka, Blam, Blaow

2. An imitation of driving or going fast. 

Phew Synonyms: Zoom

Example sentence: “The Bimmer go phew.”

Phew in songs:

Broke a brick down, Nutty Buddy, now that nigga duckin’, Phew” – Quavo, Bad and Boujee.

“He talkin’ down, Phew, go the sound” – Lil Yachty, Split / Whole Time.

Blew up fast out the trenches, Phew” – Lil Baby, Transporter.

“Bought a jet, I been cappin’ in the West Coast, Phew” – Offset, Big Rocks..

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