Housing projects


Housing projects (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /howsing-praw-ject/

Also spelled: Housin’ projects

Related: Project housing, The Hood, Section 8, Projects

Singular: Housing project

What does Housing projects mean?

Government or public assisted housing developments for low income families.

Housing projects Synonyms: Section 8, The Hood, Ghetto, Slums, Hood, Trenches, Projects

Example sentence: “We’ve been to those same housing projects a few times.”

Housing projects in songs:

“Big up to all my niggas in the housing projects” – Redman, Can’t Wait.

“A long way from pumping out housing projects” – Malice, Champion.

“To all my Queens Duns, Niggas who pump drugs, To all the housing projects who rep for they hood” – Mobb Deep, Where Ya From.

“I’m from the housing projects, tryna pull up in Bentley” – Valee, John Doe.

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