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No bueno

No bueno (phrase)

Type: adjective, phrase, slang

Pronunciation: /no-bweh-no/

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What does No bueno mean?

Spanish for not good or no good.

No bueno Synonyms: Fufu, Fu, Foo, Trash, Ass, Whack

Example sentence: “The meal we had tonight was no bueno.”

No bueno in songs:

“Rag on the steering column nigga, buck a bill No bueno, Insanos, a bunch of Kanos” – Bad Lucc, Outchea.

“Paid shooters, but for you, they’ll do it pro bono Seen you talkin’ to the police, yeah, no bueno” – Drakeo the Ruler, Stay Dangerous.

I’m Big Draco, heaven keep me on the payroll, Abuela told me that you ain’t no bueno” – Lecrae, Come Thru Jesus.

“You always shadow chasing Thats No Bueno, No Bueno” – Angel Haze, No Bueno.

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No bueno
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No bueno

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