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Mark (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /marrk/ What does Mark mean? A target for a scam, murder or violent crime. Example sentence: “I can’t be seen with that boy because he’s a mark.” Mark in songs: “Must’ve thought I was sleazy or thought I was a mark ’cause I used to hang with Eazy” – […]


Market Type: noun, verb, slang Pronunciation: /mar-ket/ Related: Marketable What does Market mean? 1. To sell or advertise. Market Synonyms: Promote 2. A place or space where goods and assets are sold. 3. The stock market. Market Synonyms: Store Example sentence: “We were planning on how we’re gonna market the album.” Market in songs: “Market […]


Marketable (adjective) Type: adjective, slang Pronunciation: /mar-ket-able/ Related: Market What does Marketable mean? Very able to be marketed or sold. Marketable Synonyms: Sellable Example sentence: “We just signed a very marketable rapper at the label.” Marketable in songs: “I’m like the under-overdog, y’all commercial and y’all marketable” – G-Herbo, XXL. “Con look at your face, […]