Hyped (slang)

Type: adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /hayep’d/

Related: Hype

What does Hyped mean?

To be extremely excited or ecstatic about something.

Hyped Synonyms: Stoked, Psyched

Example sentence: “I’m hyped to see the new crib on saturday.”

Hyped in songs:

Don’t get hyped for the moment then start to backpedal” – Drake, Weston Road Flows.

Mama I’m on BET so I can act hyped now, On ’em like the WWE and lay the smackdown” – ​iLoveMemphis, Lean And Dabb.

“I can’t front, we was hyped up for some nosebleeds” – Silas, Celebration.

Hyped up in a jacuzzi, doing that John Belushi” – Danny Brown, Die Like a Rockstar.

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