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Dykes (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /diikes/

Singular: Dyke

What does Dykes mean?


Dykes Synonyms: Lesbos

Example sentence: “My bro Jordan loves dykes.”

Dykes in songs:

“It’s only right that I was born to use mics And the stuff that I write is even tougher than dykes” – Nas, N.Y. State of Mind.

“Girls kissin’ girls, ‘cause it’s hot, right? (Ayy!) But unless they use a strap-on, then they not dykes” – Kanye West, Don’t Like.1.

“Let’s get it poppin’ like, MC Lyte, around some dykes” – Tyler, The Creator, Rella.

“Three Japanese dykes in my El Camino (Haha) Lettin’ trees blow, oh, I rep the East Coast” – Action Bronson, NaNa.

“I been gettin’ money, say you get who a night (who) Coupe make a bitch get a Krueger fright (grah) You was a bitch and your crews are dykes” – Offset, Too Hotty.

“Scoopin’ thotties in the Phantom, that’s the way of life And make ’em fuck their best friends like they was dykes” – Meek Mill, 1942 Flows.

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