Hydraulics (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /hi-draw-licks/

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What does Hydraulics mean?

A hydraulic lift kit, enabling a low-rider to rise, lower, & hop.

Example sentence: “I just put some hydraulics on the low-low.”

Hydraulics in songs:

“My flow is in the pocket like wallets, I got the bounce like hydraulics” – Kanye West, Get Em High.

“When shawty get on top it looks like hydraulics” – Young Thug, Shawty.

Fresh like, uhh, Impala, uhh, Chrome hydraulics, 808, drums, You don’t want, none, nigga better, run, When beef is on, I’ll pop that, trunk” – The Game, How We Do.

Hydraulics all around so I shake the ride, We go front, back and side to side, what” – Ludacris, Act a Fool.

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