Kunta Kinte

Kunta Kinte (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /koon-tah-kin-teh/

What does Kunta Kinte mean?

A fictional African slave taken to 18th-century America in the novel and TV series Roots.

Example sentence: “We were watching the show with the Kunta Kinte character.”

Kunta Kinte in songs:

Yeah I need my loot by rent day But that ain’t what gives me the heart of Kunta Kinte” – J. Ivy, Never Let Me Down.

So don’t believe what Ren say ‘Cause he’s going out like Kunta Kinte But I got a whip for you, Toby” – Ice Cube, No Vaseline.

Whips out, Kunta Kinte, Diamonds clear like Bombay” – Quavo, Good Drank.

“Prince couldn’t get me change my name, papa Kunta Kinte a slave again, no sir” – Missy Elliot, Work It.

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Kunta Kinte
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Kunta Kinte

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