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Jwett (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /juh-wet/

Related: Jwetting

What does Jwett mean?

A scam or illegal way of making money.

Jwett Synonyms: Scam, Fraud

Example sentence: “In Miami, they make a lot of jwett happen.”

Jwett in songs:

So this jwett a get me to the money faster?” – Bleauisnotcool, Pain PT. II.

“You got a jwett, don’t cuff that shit” – Robb Bank$, 3 Sum.

“They like, “What’s thе jwett?” I don’t even know, Whole town runnin’ through with my BangBros ” – JoJo, What’s Da Jwett.

“I ain’t wanna go to school all I want it Jwett” – YSL Choppa Trump, DRUMROLLS.

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