Jump off the porch

Jump off the porch (phrase)

Type: phrase, slang

Pronunciation: /jump-off-d-porch/

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What does Jump off the porch mean?

To start hustling in the streets.

Example sentence: “He decided it was time to jump off the porch.”

Jump off the porch in songs:

“Please don’t try to jump off the porch, you too old now” – Young Nudy, EA.

“Bored, then jump off the porch, smokin’ opp pack in the Royce” – Lil Keed, Fox 5.

“Still servin’ out, jump off the porch, dawg” – Yelawolf, Opie Taylor.

“I had to jump off the porch, now I’m fully developed” – Future, Magic City Monday.

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Jump off the porch
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Jump off the porch