Jumped off the porch


Jumped off the porch (phrase)

Type: phrase, slang

Pronunciation: /jump’d-off-d-porch/

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What does Jumped off the porch mean?

To start hustling in the streets.

Example sentence: “I’ve been getting money since i jumped off the porch.”

Jumped off the porch in songs:

“When they jumped off the porch, I was stumblin’ up the steps” – Lil Wayne, Believe Me.

“I been jumped off the porch, learned to hustle for a plate” – Gunna, Pop Out Again.

Jumped off the porch, then I start my gang business” – Quavo, Lost It.

“I jumped off the porch with a hundred dollar slab” – Lil Baby, Pure Cocaine.

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Jumped off the porch
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