Juked (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /Jookd/

Also spelled or known as: Jooked

What does Juked mean?

To have avoided or tricked someone.

Juked Synonyms: Duped, Bamboozled

Example sentence: “I juked my first plug, i’m sorry.”

Juked in songs:

“Send them shottas to ya spot you get juked just for flenchin’” – Black Smurf, Clinetele.

“James went in for a layup but his shot got blocked And then juked out Big Blue” – Froggy Fresh, Dunked On.

“What happened to your funk, did you lose it? Or did you get juked by Dangerous Music?” – Too $hort, Get In Where You Fit In.

“Had me kinda noid but no longer am I spooked and man, like I said, if they jacked me they was juked” – Mac Dre, Choke’n Off Dank.

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