Bamboozled (slang)

Type: adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /bahm-boo-zooled/

What does Bamboozled mean?

To be confused or fooled.

Bamboozled Synonyms: Duped

Example sentence: “The release date had them bamboozled.”

Bamboozled in songs:

“Cacti, not no iced tea, Uh, got ’em bamboozled like I’m Spike Lee” – Travis Scott, FRANCHISE.

“Guess I just do what you can’t do And make you look stupid and bamboozled“- Eminem, Despicable.

“For not using his noodle, F up and get bamboozled” – MF DOOM, Impostas.

“No we will not be run amuck, led astray Or bamboozled, the buck’ll be stoppin’ today” – T.I., We Will Not.

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