Johnny Dang

Johnny Dang (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /jon-e-dang/

Also spelled or known as: Johnny-Dang, Johnny, JohnnyDang

What does Johnny Dang mean?

A popular celebrity jeweler.

Similar to Johnny Dang: Wafi, Avianne, Jacob, Eliantte

Example sentence: “A lot of Chicago rappers go to Johnny Dang.”

Johnny Dang in songs:

“They say that I’m ignorant, $50,000 on a chain You know it ain’t come from Johnny Dang” – Offset, Cross the Country.

I’m like, “What?”, I’m like, “Nigga, who?”, I was born to shoot I got aim, I’m like Johnny Dang, when it comes to chains” – King Von, Crazy Story 2.0.

“I hit Johnny Dang and mixed the diamonds with the gold tooth The FN sing a song like it’s the leader of a soul group” – Juice WRLD, Flex.

“They say “where you get them boogers in your fangs?” (It’s lit) You know I had to hit up Johnny Dang” – Travis Scott, Swang (Remix).

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Johnny Dang
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Johnny Dang

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