Jock (slang) Type: verb, noun, slang Pronunciation: /jahq/ Related: Jockin’, Jockstrap What does Jock mean? 1. To copy. Jock Synonyms: Bite, Emulate 2. A penis. Jock Synonyms: Dick, Tip, Pipe, Dong, Knob, The D 3. To admire or really like someone. 4. A guy who loves to play sports. Example sentence: “Just watch, in a […]


Jocked (slang) Type: verb, slang Pronunciation: /jok-ed/ Related: Jock, Jockin’, Jocker What does Jocked mean? 1. To have copied or stolen. Jocked Synonyms: Jugged, Stiffed, Finessed, Looted, Robbed, Ganked, Jacked 2. To be really liking someone or something. Example sentence: “He jocked my style.” Jocked in songs: “I jocked the way she rocked her lil […]


Jockin’ (slang) Type: verb, slang Pronunciation: /jahq-in/ Also spelled: Jocking Related: Jock What does Jockin’ mean? 1. To be copying. Jockin’ Synonyms: Bitin’, Emulatin’ 2. To be admiring or really like someone. Jockin’ Synonyms: Sprung Example sentence: “Yo why is homeboy jockin’ my style.” Jockin’ in songs: “It’s a trip, I love the way she […]


Jockstrap (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /jahq-strahp/ Also spelled: Jock strap Related: Jock, Jockin’ What does Jockstrap mean? A protective underwear for men. Example sentence: “Which color jockstrap should i wear to see my shorty?.” Jockstrap in songs: “Hoes all on my jockstrap” – A$AP Rocky, PMW (All I Really Need). “Your mouth smells like […]